Title Insurance

Title Insurance provides protection to purchasers and their lenders of residential and commercial properties against losses related to title or ownership. The coverage begins from the time you own the property until the time you dispose of it. Usually, before closing, the purchaser’s lawyer will obtain the policy for a one-time premium fee.

Some issues that the policy may provide coverage for include:

  1. Unknown title defects;
  2. Existing liens on the property’s title eg: unpaid debts for utilities, taxes, etc.;
  3. Encroachment issues eg: a structure is mistakenly on your neighbour's property, and must be removed;
  4. Title Fraud;
  5. Errors in surveys and public records;
  6. Various other title related issues that can affect one’s ability to sell, mortgage, or lease your property; and
  7. Most legal expenses relating to curing title defects.

Until recently, only purchasers of a residence could obtain title insurance at the time of the closing a home purchase. Now, title insurance is also available to all existing homeowners who can obtain the same title protection as a new purchaser.  The coverage protects against title frauds or forgeries and several other matters affecting title.

At Soer Law, whether you are a new home buyer or an existing homeowner, we can explain to you the benefits and the procedures associated with ensuring that you are properly title insured.

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